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Brett Chynoweth

Roads & Streets

Please address all Comments, Questions, and Concerns to Council Member Travis LeFevre

Tropic Town Public Works

Residential Monthly Base Rate Water & Sewer Fees
Commercial Monthly Base Rate Water & Sewer Fees
Water Services * $24.00 Water Services * $48.00
Sewer Services * $24.00 Sewer Services * 48.00
Road Repair/Water Drainage * $2.00 Road Repair/Water Drainage * $2.00
Total Monthly Bill $50.00 Total Monthly Bill $98.00

The minimum monthly charge shall entitle the user to 12,000 gallons of culinary water per month; a charge of $3.75 shall apply for each one thousand (1,000) gallons over the allotted 12,000 gallons. Water Bills are due the last day of each month; a $200 fee shall be applied for the disconnection and re-connection of services for non-payment of water.

Questions, Comments or Concerns, Please contact Council Member Dennis Pollock or the Tropic Town Office

Public Hearings were held on November 12, 2015 & January 14, 2016 * Notices were posted asking for public input regarding an increase to Residential and Commercial Water & Sewer Base Rates.  Approval and Adoption was made on January 14, 2016 - Tropic Town Council Meeting. A copy of the ordinance is available at the Tropic Town Office and online.

Tropic & East Fork Irrigation Water

Tropic and East Fork Irrigation Company

    Monte Griffin

Board Members:
    Danny Brinkerhoff
    Aaron Bybee