Dog License

Spay or Neutered $10
Non-Spayed or Neutered $35

Dog Kennel Application

Dog Ordinance

Questions or Concerns
Please contact
Animal Control Officer
Kent Johnson
WaLon Brinkerhoff
Council Member
Lisa Johnson

Care of Animals

FREE Spay and Neuter for Cats: There is a humane, effective way to control the community cat population: Trap/Neuter/Return redueces the number of feral cats and stray free-roaming cats in the neighborhood. The Best Friends "Community Cat Program" prevents unwanted litters and reduces the number of cats euthanized in shelters. Best Friends is offering free services to spay/neuter cats within your neighborhood; please call 435-644-2001 for more information.

Dogs at Large: Residents in our community are frustrated with the many dogs running at large, having no restraint on where they go or what mischief they are causing. Addressing the issue at hand, we remind everyone there is an animal control ordinance, which outlines licensing, harboring, running at large and other violation(s) and fees associated therewith.  For the safety of the community and welfare of your pet, please be responsible dog owners keeping your pet contained within the boundaries of your home/property; license your dog(s), whether your pet is inside or outside.

Licenses are $10 for spayed/neutered and $35 for non-spayed or neutered. Citations will be issued by the Garfield County Sheriff’s office to those whose dogs are running at large, are deemed dangerous, are causing damage, or becoming a nuisance in the community. Citizens should report all dog issue to Tropic Town animal control officer Kent Johnson 801-803-4999, Council Member Lisa Johnson 801-803-4883 or County Sheriff’s office: 435-676-2678. Ordinances outlining the regulations and containment dogs, and of farm animals such as chickens, goats, i.e. are available at the Tropic Town Office.