Employment & Business Licensing

Employment Opportunities

Applications are available online or at the office - 20 North Main Street * Monday - Friday 8 am to 3:00 p.m. Applications will be accepted until positions are filled. For more information, please contact the Town Office 435-679-8713. Tropic Town has the right to accept or reject any or all applications.

Business Licensing 

The Town of Tropic requires licensing of all businesses which are based within the Town limits. Homes occupation businesses are also considered a business.


Certain home occupation professions are specifically exempt by the State of Utah from Town license fees. Even though these professions are exempt from license fees, they are not exempt from the rest of the license process including filing a valid license application, taxes and completing necessary safety inspections or zoning requirements.

Business licenses are valid for one year and must be renewed by February 1st.  Please click "Business Application" form to choose the correct application for your business. The Town offers general business licenses, rental business licenses, and home occupation licenses.

Business Licensing Ordinance

Business Licensing Amendment #2020-4

Liquor License Ordinance

Liquor License Resolution

Register your business with the State:

* Division of Corporations and Commercial Code: 1-877-526-3994
   ~Online Business Registration: www.business.utah.gov/registration

* If applicable, a State Sales & Use Tax Number must be obtained:
      ~State Tax Commission 1-800-662-4335 or with online business registration: www.business.utah.gov/registration

*If applicable, Federal ID # must be obtained: http://www.irs.gov

*Contact Tropic Town Office to set up a Fire Inspection

Utah Business Disaster Assistance: State Funds ~ The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget has nearly $9 million in disaster relief money set aside to support organizations and activities throughout Utah. The funds will help local health departments, meals on wheels, and senior centers. The office mobilized to ensure funds are available to help mitigate economic loss due to COVID-19.