Bryce Valley
Elementary School

Principal Layne LeFevre
Secretary Laura Pollock
Office: 435-679-8619

Bryce Valley 
High School

Principal Jeff Brinkerhoff
Secretary Rita Twitchell
Office: 435-679-8835

Garfield County School District Office

School Superintendent
Tracy Davis
Home Of the Bryce Valley Mustangs
Bryce Valley High was first known as the Tropic High Bluejay. The Bluejay was chosen because of its individuality, energy and determination; the Bluejay knows where he is going . . he is full of pep, enthusiasm and business. In 1953 the school burned and a new school was built with a new mascot chosen "The Bryce Valley Mustang".

Mustangs are Sure Footed * Hardy * Spirited * Intelligent * Alert * Swift * Agile

Graduation Exercises for Bryce Valley High School Class of 2020

  * Bryce Valley Auditorium


2020 Graduation