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Natural History Museum

Located in the center of Town, the Tropic Heritage Museum Showcases the diverse natural and cultural resources of the Bryce Canyon Region and upper Paria River Drainage. The museum serves as a valuable interpretive venue highlighting themes which introduce the area's rich heritage to those accessing the state and public lands surrounding Tropic Town. The museum features examples of Paleontology, Geology, Archeology and pioneer history, including the Ebenezer Bryce Story. Numerous donated specimens are on display, along with rotating exhibits which showcase important historical events of the area.

This Tropic Town Heritage Center Museum represents a fulfillment of a long-held dream and continues to generate excitement among community members.

Tropic Town Pioneer Museum

The founding of Tropic came about as a direct result of two water projects, Spring Creek and East Fork. It was through the hard work and perseverance of Andrew J Hansen, William Lewman and Ole Ahlstrom that the vision of supplying water to the valley was fulfilled. With hammer, shovels, drills, powder and fuse, forty men completed the 10 mile canal.